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Two Wheeler Industry : The Overgrowing Industry of India

India is among the largest markets for automobiles in the current scenario all across the world. The Country stands on 9th position for having the world's largest automobile industry. Currently, India ranks 1st for the largest producer of tractors in the world and for commercial vehicles, India is at 5th position. But if we talk about the two wheeler industry, India..

 is the second largest manufacturer of two wheelers and provides largest contribution to the automobile industry with an amount of Rs 200,000 million. In terms of two-wheelers production, India stands next to China. And in sales, only Japan is ahead from India.

The Two-wheeler industry has segmented in three ways:

  1. Motorcycles: The craze of motorbikes among youth is increasing day by day because of some features like convenient and comfortable riding over bumpy roads, easy maintenance and fuel efficiency. By seeing the increased demand of the motorcycles, manufacturers are launching bikes with new technology, design and style, to attract more & more buyers.
  1. Scooters: Scooters are quite popular among old people and women as scooters are easy to handle and lighter as compared to bikes. These are available with gears and without gears in the market.
  2. Mopeds: Mopeds are mostly favored by women because these are very light in weight as compared to scooters and motorcycles. Electric mopeds are Eco-friendly and also high in demand for the same.

Factors which increases the growth rate of Two-Wheeler

Craze of two-wheelers among youngstersFor the young generation of today, heavy motorcycles and stylish bikes have not only become a necessity, but also a style statement. Youth of our country looks for adventure and thrill in everything they do, this includes riding a bike at very high speed. The craze of bike amongst the younger generation has further propelled the sales of Two Wheelers.

Poor public transport - In some part of India especially in rural areas, public transport facility is not so good. Therefore, people generally prefer to buy Two-Wheelers for commuting and other purposes.

Crowded traffic condition – Nowadays, traffic is the major problem in India due to which, college-goers and office goers face much difficulties. Here, Two-wheelers help them somewhere as these have compact design & structure, these are easy to drive and can pass through narrow streets. In comparison to cars, two wheelers are easy to park and hence preferred in areas with limited parking spaces.

Major Producers of Two-Wheeler in India

More than 10 popular manufacturers are there in India, which are producing the two-wheelers in various brands. Some of the top companies are Bajaj, Hero Moto Corp, TVS, Honda(HMSI), Suzuki, Mahindra and Yamaha. These are the companies which are most popular and having a large selling growth rate.

Following is the data , which represents the sales figure of Two-Wheeler in India in Feb..2014, by top most companies:

February 2013
February 2014
Hero Moto Corp
Bajaj Auto
TVS Motors

Domestic Growth Rate

In year 2012-13, The Two-Wheeler Industry had made a record in sales volume by selling 13.8 millions units. A drastic growth rate has been observed as compared to the previous year..

Trade Factors of Two-Wheeler Industry

India, the second largest manufacturer of Two-Wheelers, also exports Two-wheelers in many countries across the globe including South Africa, Latin America, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In year 2012-13, India exported 2 million units.

Today, fuel prices are increasing at a high pace and hence, people look for vehicles providing better mileage and optimal performance. Hence, majority of the population prefers to choose Two-Wheelers which are fuel efficient, high in performance and have several other benefits in comparison to four-wheelers.

Automobile Engineers and technicians are bringing new technology to give two-wheelers a complete make-over; over the years, not only in design & looks but also in performance, two-wheelers have come a long way. Owing to all these advantages, export percentage of two-wheelers has tremendously grown in last few years and presently, a large client base across the domestic as well overseas market prefers two-wheelers.

The export chart of two-wheelers can be studied below:


Two-wheeler industry is the major contributor in the growth of "Automobile Industry in India". It has been in existence in India since 1955, consisting of three segments viz. scooters, motorcycles and mopeds. At present, the sales %  of two-wheelers is more than any other vehicle in the country. Major cities of India, where two-wheeler plants exist are Mysore, Chennai, Pune, Kanpur, Aurangabad, Rewari, Surajpur, Faridabad and many more. Currently, various models of two-wheelers are available in the Indian market, each is manufactured with an advanced technology. These vehicles can be purchased easily as there are lots of financial facilities provided by banks including EMIs, two-wheeler loans etc.

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