Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Advanced Agricultural Equipments : A Must Have for Modern Agriculture

Agriculture Sector has a strong emphasis in the growth of India economy as about two-third of Indian population relies on agriculture only. Not only this, Agriculture is the only source which fulfills the demand of food. Since, population is increasing day by day, therefore the demand of food is also increasing and for fulfilling this need, fast crop production becomes necessary.
For the same, Agriculture Equipment Industry introduces latest tools and equipments for making the agricultural process easier as compared to the early times where spades and ploughs were used for farming.

Earlier, it was not possible for one man to cultivate large piece of land in a day. But after mechanization, Agricultural machinery has got progressively larger in terms of performance and productivity. Modern farm machinery help a man to plough in excess of 10 hectares in a day. Agricultural tractors are one of the most sought after machines used for pulling and pushing trailers for plowing, planting, tilling etc. These are rugged in design and find application in varied farming activities.

In the market, many types of farm tractors are available for performing different kinds of functions viz. row crop tractors, standard tractors, high crop tractors and utility tractors.

Row Crop Tractors : The row crop tractors are designed with the adjustable thread width so that they can pass down rows of crops without crushing the plants.

Standard Tractors : Such tractors are used for plowing and other heavy field work for dense seeding.

High Crop Tractors : These tractors are basically used for growing cotton. The thread of this tractor can be adjusted for fine ground clearance.

Utility Tractors : Such type of tractors are used for mowing large area of land. These are multi-functional equipment used for cultivation.

Apart from state-of-the-art Tractors, other agricultural machinery being used these days include cultivators, seeders, harvesters, and crop dusters. All these machines are equipped with latest technology and help to achieve the goal of fast crop production.

Advantages of using Farm Equipment

  •     Increase production of crops
  •     Provide deeply and completely cultivated soil
  •     Improves labor productivity
  •     Encourages multiple cropping
  •     Increases farm income
  •     Saves time
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