Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Problems And Solutions For ESD Products

ESD Products & Equipment
ESD occurs when there is rapid transfer of an electrostatic charge from one object to another. It generally occurs when who bodies having different potentials come into direct contact or near each other. When either of the two happens, one body becomes negatively charged as it gains electrons and another body becomes positive as it loses electrons.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Essential Hospital Furniture

Hospital Furniture
Hospital furniture includes all the furniture that are used in a hospital for the convenience and the utility of the patients, staffs and visitors. The essential furniture of a hospital includes bed, cabinet, chair, rack, stand, stool, table, different types of trolleys like medicine trolley, crash cart trolley, instrument trolley, dressing trolley, wheelchair, waiting chairs, footsteps, bed side screen

Granite Stone Can Be A Good Decorative Yet A Durable Item

Granite Slab
For years geologists have opined that the earth is composed of rocks and stones. Though water is the most prevalent entity on the surface of earth, rocks and stones form the matrix on which all substances are held together in this planet. From time immemorial people all over the world have tried to utilize the endless supply of stones on earth