Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Granite Stone Can Be A Good Decorative Yet A Durable Item

Granite Slab
For years geologists have opined that the earth is composed of rocks and stones. Though water is the most prevalent entity on the surface of earth, rocks and stones form the matrix on which all substances are held together in this planet. From time immemorial people all over the world have tried to utilize the endless supply of stones on earth
in order to build and create. In ancient times stones like granite were not only used to make buildings but also to make tools that gave birth to many groundbreaking inventions.

There are different types of granites found in different parts of the world. Each type differs from another in terms of formation, quality and structure. But one common factor that is present in all types of granite stones is strength. Granite is well known for its strength and that is why it is a particular favorite in construction industry. The chief chemicals found in granite are silica, aluminum, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, magnesium, titanium, manganese and phosphorous. Granite is generally found in the continental plates and at a stretch occupies plots less 100 square kilometer.

Granites have always been a preferred construction material. Due to its toughness and rigidity granite is largely used in the construction of buildings, bridges and other structures that are designed to last for ages. The pyramids of Egypt and many 10th century temples in India have significant granite composition in their building materials. Granites can also be a beautiful decorative item due to their color and texture. A textured slab of granite used as counter top, worktop or kitchen worktop is sure to draw the attention of many if it is placed in a conspicuous place. Hence, many people are nowadays opting for granite while decorating their rooms, kitchens and washrooms for home improvement.

Today it is not hard to get a shipment of granite slabs. There are many companies who mine and ship granites all over the world. Though bulk of the granites mined are purchased by major construction companies and building materials suppliers at wholesale prices, individual consumers can also buy granites at retail prices from a store or over the internet. There are a number of online stores that facilitate the purchase and sale of granite stone and other stones. Clients can easily visit these stores and place an order after going through the catalogs. However, clients should always check the authenticity of the materials before ordering.

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