Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Essential Hospital Furniture

Hospital Furniture
Hospital furniture includes all the furniture that are used in a hospital for the convenience and the utility of the patients, staffs and visitors. The essential furniture of a hospital includes bed, cabinet, chair, rack, stand, stool, table, different types of trolleys like medicine trolley, crash cart trolley, instrument trolley, dressing trolley, wheelchair, waiting chairs, footsteps, bed side screen

, basin stand, delivery beds, emergency stretcher trolleys, delivery tables, folding stretchers, recovery table and many more.

The most significant hospital furniture is the hospital bed. The hospital cots are designed for the patients who are hospitalized or the patients who need health care. These beds are designed to offer well being and utmost comfort to the patients admitted which would also provide convenience and easy accessibility to the health care workers. The unique features of a hospital bed include wheels, adjustable side rails, elevation, electric buttons etc.

The hospital beds consist of wheels for the easy movement of the bed within the room or within other facilities. These wheels are lockable so that the transferring of the patient from the bed or in the bed is easy and safe. The side rails of the hospital bed are used to lower or raise the bed. These rails also offer safety to the patient by preventing from falling off. The rails also consist of electric buttons making convenient for the patient to call nurse or doctor easily. The elevation of the beds allows the height of the head, feet and the body to be lowered, raised or be in straight line. In modern beds the elevation is done with the help of electronic motors but formerly cranks were used for this purpose.

The overbed tables are used in hospital rooms for dining. These tables can be raised or lowered accordingly to the height of the patient accessing the particular bed. The bedside table is essential furniture which is used by the patient and the health care staffs to keep the belonging and the individual medications of the patient. These bedside tables consist of various compartments to offer more space for storage. The saline stands are there in every hospital room. The hospital rooms having maternity patients consist of baby cots along with the mother bed. The cribs of the babies consist of various shelves below the bed to hold the essentials for the babies.

The hospital also consists of private areas for staffs like nurses station, doctors rest room and other staff rooms. These areas consist of multipurpose cabinets with drawer and locker systems to keep the belongings and the valuables of the staffs. The lounges and the break rooms allow the staffs of the hospital to take rest and relax during the breaks which consists of comfortable sofas, chairs etc. The waiting areas of the hospital consist of comfortable chairs and sofas for the visitors. These chairs have padded seats for providing utmost comfort. The magazine racks or shelves are also there for pamphlets and magazines.

All types of hospital furniture and hospital beds are available online. Persons interested in this furniture can browse the internet.

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